12 Days of Fundraising

Can you survive 12 days of Fundraising challenges?

What's The Big Idea?!

People are always asking us, "What sort of event can I put on for you guys to fundraise?" So we tell them everything from "a sponsored silence" to "a bake sale" and people always want to do more!

...Well, this Christmas you can with the 12 Days of Fundraising, a 12-day long fundraising marathon!

How it all works!

The basic idea is that for 12 days straight, from the 1st of December until the 12th, you will take part in a different fundraising event every day.

From a classic 'Bake Sale' to a 'Sponsored Silence', you along with many across the country can pledge to do the whole 12 days or pick the ones you want to do. Then at the end, everyone sends in the amount they've raised via Cheque and we will release the grand total we've all managed to raise!

So grab your '12 Days' Calendar and get ready for The Neuro Foundations big Christmas Fundraising push! I know we will!

Example of how to use the '12 Days' Calendar. 
If you have any questions that we have not answered below please email at fundraising@nfauk.org

More questions about the 12 Days Of Fundrasing?

Yes, you can do more than one event, actually, you can do all of them. 

Yes, you have stick to the calendar dates. 

Please notify the fundraising team by emailing fundraising@nfauk.org

Alison or Sarah will be in touch explaining the next steps on what to do.

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12 Days of Fundrasing calendar and information

Please find more information on each event here.


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