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We asked you how Neurofibromatosis has shaped your life and you sent us your personal stories via our #ShareYourStory page. Here we have collated your stories to share with the wider NF community so others can know that they are not on this journey alone.

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"Ayrianna is a fighter for sure"
Crystal shares her daughter, Ayrianna's story.
Crystal's story

"My doctor said ''you have to learn to live..."

Kamil Szczepankiewicz's story {mx_caption}

""I am a kind caring person who just wants to"

Charlotte Targgart's story {mx_caption}

"We are so proud of her."

Emma and Kiki’'s story {mx_caption}

"I try and not let this condition stop stop me"

Lydia's story {mx_caption}

"many doctors have told me it’s not NF1"

Michele's story {mx_caption}

"helped me through the dark times"

Richard's story {mx_caption}

"We have been together for twelve years now"

Gerald's story {mx_caption}

"...she is my warrior"

Gemma's story {mx_caption}

"NF has definitely affected me..."

Claire's story {mx_caption}

"I have NF but it's not going to beat me!"

Jaycee's story {mx_caption}

"It does not define me."

Sarah's story {mx_caption}

"he doesn't let it beat him"

Luke's story {mx_caption}

"I was diagnosed with NF1 when I was 6yrs old"

Natalie's story {mx_caption}

"...I knew something wasn't right"

Sophia & Harvie's story {mx_caption}

"...a lot of the time I feel alone"

Noreen's story {mx_caption}