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We asked you how Neurofibromatosis has shaped your life and you sent us your personal stories via our #ShareYourStory page. Here we have collated your stories to share with the wider NF community so others can know that they are not on this journey alone.

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"Throughout it all Olivia is still smiling...."
Hi, My name is Karen and my daughter Olivia (aged 15) has NF1. Olivia was diagnosed quite young at about the age of 3 years old so this is something our family...
Olivia's story

"I was diagnosed with NF1 when I was 6yrs old"

Natalie’s Story's story {mx_caption}

"...I knew something wasn't right"

Sophia & Harvie's story {mx_caption}

"...a lot of the time I feel alone"

Noreen's story {mx_caption}

"We had never heard of NF1 before"

Claire's story {mx_caption}

"I hope one day they find a cure for NF1."

Sarah's story {mx_caption}

"He is generally a happy, lively boy..."

Lauren's story {mx_caption}

"Polly is our hero and a true inspiration..."

Emily & Polly's story {mx_caption}

"I am not defined by it"

Duma's story {mx_caption}

"I might have NF but NF doesn't have me!"

Lisa's story {mx_caption}

"I couldn't be without him...sick or healthy."

Lucy's story {mx_caption}

"In early 2008 my son was diagnosed with NF1"

Debbie's story {mx_caption}

"There is so much stigma attached to NF..."

Ella's story {mx_caption}

"I worry about how NF will affect me..."

Julia's story {mx_caption}

"Never give up!"

Hellen's story {mx_caption}

"I have had NF1 since I was 3 years old."

Erin's story {mx_caption}